Bank Marketing: How to Create a Great Customer Experience

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Getting people to trust in the banking industry these days can be quite a challenge. It is for this reason that banks must use bank marketing strategies that appeal to the general public and not only sell them on their services but create a trust factor that makes the individual feel comfortable depositing their money with them.

Bank marketing is something that is extremely strategic and it is of the utmost importance that those trying to market a financial institution really understand what it is that customers and clients are looking for in a financial institution. First and foremost of course, they want to know that their money is safe and secure so taking an angle that advertises how many years that institution has been in existence or that they are FDIC insured can really help to create security for a customer or potential customer.

Of course, when it comes to bank marketing it is always helpful to offer promotional gifts and even cash incentives to those who open an account with your institution. These may seem like little things but they really do influence customers as a matter of fact many lending institutions actually find that this can serve a greater purpose then the slashing of fees, the heightening of interest rates, or even offering free checking. And if a bank does want to offer these items they can advertise for these aspects of their services on incredible unique promotional products as well.
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Your Bank and Business Financing – Reality Check

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Business owners and managers want to compare equipment finance companies to their bank and for a good reason; a bank is a company’s first point of reference when borrowing money or financing equipment or an expansion project. A bank is the most obvious place to start and a secure place to store your money and use their multiple services. But what a bank does not do well, both historically because of their structure and the recent tightening of the credit market, is offer business financing for capital assets (equipment). Yet many people get confused when looking for an equipment loan because they are not seeing the whole picture; this is a case where you definitely want to compare apples to apples to get the best results.

Here are a few points to compare; these are not set in stone but based on years of experience, these trends apply a majority of the time.

1) Total Dollars Financed – banks normally require that you keep a balance of 20% or 30% of the equipment loan amount on deposit. This means they are only financing 70% or 80% of your equipment costs because you have to keep a certain amount of YOUR money in a fixed account for the duration of the loan. In contrast, an equipment finance company will cover 100% of the equipment including all “soft” costs and will only request a one or two month prepayment. No fixed deposits required.

2) Soft Costs – banks also will normally not cover “soft” costs like labor, warrantees, consulting and installation which means these costs come out of your pocket. An equipment finance company will cover 100% of the equipment price including “soft” costs and some projects can be financed with 100% “soft” costs which no bank would ever consider.

3) Interest Rates – this is the most popular question in the finance world; what’s my rate? If the bank requires 30% deposit in a fixed account then that automatically raises a 5% interest rate to a 20% rate. Now people will argue that you get that deposited money back at the end of the term but that is money which you do not have access to and has an opportunity cost associated with it. Equipment finance companies target their financing rates between 3-5% for cities and 7-9% for commercial financing which is a real fixed rate and not under-stated as the bank rates can be thus independent finance company rates are very competitive with “true” bank rates.

4) Process Speed – banks often take weeks to review and approve a finance request while independent finance companies normally only take a few days and can work much more quickly. Finance underwriters only review business financing while a bank has other types of requests clogging their channel.

Banks also have many more levels of approval and review to pass while independent finance companies normally only have two, underwriting and credit committee. Even with complicated deals, the finance company’s process is always faster.

5) Guarantee – banks require, as a standard part of their documentation, a blanket lien on all assets, both personal and business assets are used as guarantee against default on the loan. Your business assets, your home, your car, and your boat can all be on the line when entering into a bank transaction. This may also be the case with an equipment financing company but if your business operation is solvent then only your business will be listed as collateral and not your personal assets; this is known as a “corp only” approval.

6) Monitoring – banks require yearly “re-qualifying” of all their business accounts which means on the anniversary date of your loan each year, you must submit requested financial documents to assure the bank that everything is going well and nothing has affected your business in a negative way. Finance companies do not require anything during the term of the loan or finance as long as the monthly payments are made on time. Nobody will be checking into your business or policing what you do.
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Keeping Your Bank Account Safe From Fraud

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Financial exploitation of seniors is an increasing problem (National Center on Elder Abuse), including cases where money is stolen directly from a senior’s bank account. The research company Gartner Inc. estimates that two million people in the United States have had money stolen from their bank accounts in the past year. The average amount lost was $1,200.

We often think that fraud is committed by people we don’t know who gain access to our personal information. While that can be true, for seniors the probability is greater that a family member or caregiver is the one who takes advantage of them financially. A survey by the Adult Protective Services agencies found that the most common financial abuser was a son or daughter, accounting for 33% of the reported cases of fiscal exploitation of seniors age 60 or over.
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Bank Identification Numbers Database In Credit Card Fraud Prevention

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Banks are the cornerstone on which business transactions are built. Whether buying a home, car, or consumer product, these financial institutions keep the country running along as smoothly as possible. For the consumer facing business owner, it is important to know that credit card transactions are coming from legitimate institutions. With more people using plastic rather than paper money to buy groceries, electronics, services, arts, crafts, and any number of popular items, it is important to have an advocate that can tell you without doubt the card that you are accepting is legitimate. While this may seem like a bit of a no brainer, you would be surprised by how advanced thieves are getting with their tactics. As advanced and convenient as this time period is technologically, it is also scary. Scary because crooks are able to steal numbers, fake identification codes, and essentially con you out of your rightful merchandise.

Getting a good bank identification numbers database to work for you is the only way you can be vigilant against the various forms of fraud that are out there threatening your business. As you look for a BIN database search program, make sure that you know not all are created equally. Ensure before buying that the system will work with the systems that you already have in place. Also, accept only those that offer extensive lists of bank validation numbers. You want every possible institution covered, from domestic to international, because with the Internet a global marketplace, it is vital that you make your business available to as many buyers as possible. Discount GRAHAM PROFESSIONAL TOWEL DISPENSERS

Profit Bank Official Review

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It can be a nightmare to make money in these times of economic recession both for online and offline businesses. But with the right tool in hand, you can weather the hard times and emerge on top as one of the most successful businesses, not to mention the most profitable. What you might ask is this tool? You can go to Profit Bank to find out what your business is missing. If you are afraid that this is another money-making scam, let this article assuage all your doubts of the product Profit Bank found in Millionaires Society.

Benefits of Profit Bank in Millionaires Society.

You can create a Web site for your business within minutes without having to pay for hosting service.
You will have hundreds to thousands of article content without having to make them yourself.
You will get hundreds to thousands of back links to your Web site without having to obtain approval for each one.
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2012 Recruitment for Allahabad Bank and Punjab National Bank (PNB)

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A career in banking is preferred by the majority of youth in India. Due to its acceptance of candidates from all walks of life, it has gained much popularity. Also our growing dependence on banks has led to a great number of bank branches opening in different part of the country. This means, higher demand of personnel which has led to a the opening of a wide variety of jobs for the aspiring candidates. There are some banks, which ensure that the best candidates are recruited irrespective of the great demand, they decide to choose only the best. Two such banks are, Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Allahabad Bank. They are well known for their excellent team of employees, who are recruited only after a tough exam and a challenging interview session.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) Recruitment:
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is the one of India`s largest bank with more than 5000 branches spread across various parts of India. It is also the second largest public sector bank after State Bank of India (SBI).
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Bank Recruitment in Andhra and Syndicate Bank

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We have a huge pool of career opportunities today. However, there are certain careers which are more in demand, like the jobs offered by the banking sector. With so many new opening all over India, this sector is flourishing at a fast speed. However, entry into this sector is a tough job. Banks like the Andhra bank and the Syndicate are some of the highly coveted banks by the aspirants. Entry into these banks demands clearing a tough exam which is followed by an interview.

Syndicate Bank Recruitment:

Syndicate is one of the top-notch banks of India. It has played a major role in contributing largely to the success in this Sector.

It follows strict recruitment policies for various posts it offers. The age criteria are between 21 years to 30 years. Candidates beyond this age are not applicable to appear for any post.

Candidates are recruited by an exam and an interview. The application forms are available online which are to be re-submitted during the interview. Both the stages are extremely challenging and demand thorough preparation.
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